DEHN protects data centres

Data centres are the foundation of digitalisation. Whether it is social networks, medical care, media content, telecommunications or traffic control, today everything depends on a constant flow of data. The fault-free interplay of individual systems and sensitive components is a requirement for this.

Keep the data flowing

Downtimes, damage and interruptions due to lightning and surges? No access to data or even data loss? A nightmare scenario for every operator and every data user. Protect your data centre: Powerful lightning and surge protection prevents costly damage and ensures constant data flow.

How you reduce the risk

The threat posed by lightning and surges is often underestimated:

  • Fires can be started by lightning strikes.
  • Interconnected electrical systems can incur damage through surges.

The consequence: Repair costs, downtimes and claims for compensation.

Minimise risks – here's how
Integrate coordinated measures for lightning protection, surge protection, shielding and earthing in your safety concept.
Make use of a full-service provider: DEHN represents your one-stop shop.
Opt for certainty – for reliable operation, maximum availability and optimised efficiency.

Know the normative requirements

The standard DIN EN 50600 is of primary relevance for the planning and implementation of protection measures for data centres. In relation to lightning and surge protection, it refers to DIN EN 62305.

DEHNconcept planning services

Planning and implementing an integrated lightning and surge protection system professionally? That is a complex task. Make this work easier with the planning service from DEHN.




Brochure DS 381 Protect data centres Lightning and surge protection .pdf 2.2 MB
Protection proposal WPX050 Lightning and surge protection for data centers Avoid data center outages .pdf 2.7 MB

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