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In-house seminars catered to your company's requirements

We offer a one day essential in-house seminar for anyone involved in Surge & Lightning Protection.


A series of essential one day seminars for anyone involved in Surge & Lightning Protection, giving a clear, concise understanding of the requirements of the new standards and how to apply them.

These seminars are designed to help you and your company come to terms with both practical and theoretical implementations of BSEN 62305 and to take the installer and designer through the process of product selection and installation in accordance with the requirements of BS 7671, in the shortest possible time.

Available to the likes of Consultants, Designers, Engineers, Electrical Contractors, Lightning Protection Installers and many more.

Catered for your company's needs and requirements 

Areas which can be covered

  • DEHNsupport software
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind Power
  • Separated Systems
  • Earthing
  • Panel Building/Surge Protection requirements
  • Security/CCTV
  • Water
  • EX areas
  • Renewable energy
  • And many more....

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