Variabler Endverschluss
Gain space, simplify installation

Variable sealing end in HVI Lightning Protection

Switch to the new sealing end system and reap the benefits:

With the variable sealing end system, you are much more flexible during installation and save valuable space on the roof. Rigid specifications concerning the separation distance are a thing of the past. This simplifies your day-to-day work and reduces installation time and material expenses.

Gain space

Example of application with separation distance (Sair) of 30 cm: Compared with the previous installation, the variable sealing end saves you 50 % overall length.

HVI light with variable sealing end
With variable sealing end

HVI light - without variable sealing end

HVI light without variable sealing end
Without variable sealing end

HVI light - with variable sealing end

Simplify installation

The sealing end is installed at a ratio of 2:1 – for the entire HVI system.
The length L of the sealing end or adjustment range results from the double radius s (s =equivalent separation distance).


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  • Variabler Endverschluss
  • Variabler Endverschluss

When do you need an additional sealing end range?

If the HVI Conductor is not connected to the earth-termination system, but to parts carrying lightning voltage, for example, capping of a roof parapet or ring conductor, an additional sealing end range is always required at the exit point.

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Switch to the new sealing end system now and reap the benefits

Create space

Thanks to the flexible installation ratio, you only need the distance actually stipulated. This saves you valuable centimetres. You don’t waste any of the space previously required to meet rigid specifications. Space on roofs is often restricted due to existing rooftop installations.

The result: in the past, alternative cable routes or even conversion work, e.g. on PV and cooling systems, were required to ensure that a lightning protection system was installed in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. In many cases, this additional work and expense can be avoided using the variable sealing end.

Save costs

The space gained saves time and real money. The new sealing end prevents long cable routes or expensive cable systems: Measures which, until now, were necessary when space was limited and which entailed high additional costs.

The variable sealing end goes easy on your resources: It avoids alternative cable routes and the associated additional expense of planning, material and installation.

Increase safety

Another important aspect: The variable sealing end makes it easier for you to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. In the past, lack of space did, on occasion, lead to installation errors. The extra space helps you to correctly install a HVI Lightning Protection system so that it is fully functional and can protect people and buildings from the consequences of a direct lightning strike.

Dimensioning according to EUROCODE also increases your safety. The gust wind speeds are specified in our installation instructions. These are based on the established EUROCODE specifications. Known methods which help you to ensure the correct design of the installation and weight of the concrete base/tripod.

Allow flexibility

The new sealing end in the HVI Lightning Protection portfolio not only provides flexibility due to the flexible installation ratio of 2:1. By gaining space on the roof and avoiding additional installations, you also create space for future roof superstructures.

Requirements on a building change. Space on the roof is required, for example, for retrofitting air-conditioning systems, cell sites or necessary barrier-free conversions (lift shafts). The variable sealing end thus increases space and flexibility in terms of future space requirements on the roof.

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HIV light S ≤ 45 cm
©Photo: DEHN

HVI light

S ≤ 45 cm | HVI light

HVI conductor S ≤ 75 cm
©Photo: DEHN

HVI Conductor

S ≤ 75 cm | HVI Conductor

S ≤ 90 cm HVI®power
©Photo: Blitzschutz Kunz, Saarbrücken

HVI power

S ≤ 90 cm | HVI power


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