Variable Number Plate Marking System

Clearly marked without tools

Quick and uniform marking

Test joints, connection lugs, and down conductors can be marked onsite, easily and clearly.

Variable Number Plate marking system features outperform the hammer method:

  • The numbers are clear and legible
  • All markings can be changed at a later date
  • The markings are clear and uniform which saves you time!

New system outperformes the hammer method for marking
Convenient: The digits are simply plugged in

Component Box ā€“ Practical and portable

Organized and accessible, the component box keeps parts separate and ready for use.  The locking cover ensures content remains safely stored during transportation.  The click system makes the component box compatible with cases from other popular manufacturers (i.e. Bosch, Flex, etc.)

All components well organized and accessible
Shock-resistant and solid box - compatible with Sortimo L boxes

The component box contains 1,650 single parts that can be individually resupplied.

Colored Inserts for Quick Orientation

In a rush? Donā€™t worry! The colored inserts make it easy to find the right components quickly when you need them.

Permanently Marked

Weather resistant material makes subsequent regulatory inspections and maintenance according to IEC/EN 62305-31) of the lighting protection and earth-termination system easier. This ensures permanent documentation of the lightning protection and earth-termination system according to DIN 180142) and Supplement 3 of DIN EN 62305.


1) IEC/EN 62305: Protection against lightning ā€“ Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard
2) DIN 18014: Foundation earth electrode ā€“ Planning, execution and documentation