Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw

Easy and safe

Speed up on site! Maxi MV clamp makes working much easier.
Welding is no longer necessary, neither is a torque wrench - just use any conventional wrench for secure installation. The tear-off head indicates accurate installation with a defined clamping force.
Note: Maxi MV clamp fulfills international standards according to EN 62561-1.


Fields of application: This clamp has been designed for high requirements, e.g. in industrial buildings, in nuclear power plants and for military applications.

A huge advantage when it comes to installation time. Look and see:

Tear-off screwBenefits at a glance

  • Reliable mounting quality by constant torque and defined clamping force
  • Easy mounting, no torque wrench needed
  • Huge time savings compared to welding
  • No risk for the installer by harmful welding fume
  • Established technique (e.g. being used in French nuclear power plants)
  • No environmental hazard

Maxi MV clamp with tear-off screw


Comparison: Welding versus Maxi MV clamp

 WeldingMaxi MV clamp
Permanent connection
Mounting time16 min30 sec
Contstant installation quality-
No specific mounting equipment needed-
No preparation of the connection necessary-
No welding expert needed-
No risk for the operator by harmful welding smoke-
Mounting during rain possible-

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