HVI power Conductor for EX zones 1 and 21

Reliable external lightning protection solution for systems in hazardous areas: HVI power Conductor

Potentially explosive atmospheres where a lightning strike e.g. to storage facilities or silos can have fatal consequences can be found in many industries (process technology, biogas plants, storage facilities, silos, storage tanks).

Uncontrolled sparking resulting from lightning strikes may cause an explosion which presents a danger to persons, animals and the environment and entails high costs.
Ex zones - danger zones listed in explosion protection documents – must be taken into account when designing and installing lightning protection systems. In general, non-sparking lightning protection and equipotential bonding measures must be implemented in Ex zones 1 and 21.

The high-voltage-resistant insulated HVI power Conductor is a reliable and tested solution for discharging lightning currents in Ex zones 1 and 21

This conductor is an ideal solution for all classes of LPS. In conjunction with the associated accessories, it can even be used for class of LPS I since the entire system is tested with lightning impulse currents of 200 kA (10/350 µs).


  • Separation distance is 20% higher (90 cm instead of 75 cm (air) /180 cm (solid material)) compared to HVI long Conductors
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to new sealing end spring
  • Low area exposed to wind since the conductor is integrated in the supporting tube
  • Discharge of lightning currents without sparking
  • TÜV-certified for use in Ex zones 1 and 21

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