Surge protection for high-power charging

Charging infrastructure must function reliably. However, functionality is threatened by lightning and surges. Damage to the infrastructure can be caused by direct lightning strikes, indirect lightning strikes or, for example, earth faults and short circuits in the power grid. Based on the lightning protection zone concept, the correct lightning current and surge arresters are used, both for power and data lines. With an integrated protection concept, people and the charging park are protected in equal measure.

DEHN products
for surge protection
for high-power charging

You are ideally set up with us: We offer you a comprehensive, useful and harmonised complete range of products for the surge protection of high-power charging systems. For efficient planning, convenient purchasing, seamless installation and ongoing maintenance.



Protects PV power supply systems up to 1,500 V DC: Arrester for high-power charging stations or battery storage systems (POC).

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Modular surge arrester with remote signalling contact für PV power supply systems und battery storage applications.

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Protects spark-gap-based AC interfaces. With remote signalling contact and integrated arrester backup fuse. With ACI technology and remote signalling contact. Can be used without additional backup fuse.

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DEHNguard modular ACI

With ACI technology and remote signalling contact. Can be used without additional backup fuse.

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For protecting the medium-voltage side. Metal oxide arrester for medium-voltage systems up to 51 kV, e.g. in transformer stations.

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DEHNpatch Class E

Universal surge arrester for protecting Ethernet interfaces.

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Modular combined arrester for protecting measuring and control circuits, bus and telecommunication systems.

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DEHNbloc Maxi 1 CI 440 / 760

Single-pole coordinated lightning current arrester, type 1, with integrated arrester backup fuse for 690 V TN and IT systems.

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Brochure Properly protected – Safe charging Protection concepts for the charging infrastructure of electric mobility .pdf 2.3 MB
Brochure DEHN protects intelligent power grids Security of supply for today and tomorrow with lightning and surge protection .pdf 3.8 MB
Brochure DEHNguard ME DC Y 950 FM For maximum system and operational safety .pdf 0.3 MB
Brochure DEHNconcept Planning Service .pdf 1.1 MB
Reference DEHN protects. IPI intelligent transformer substations by Ingenieurbüro Pfeffer .pdf 0.8 MB
Reference DEHN protects. AC coupled and scalable Li-Ion battery storage system "scalebloc" bei INTILION GmbH .pdf 0.8 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Hypercharger DC charging stations by alpitronic GmbH / S.r.l. .pdf 0.8 MB
White paper Electromobility Lightning and surge protection for electromobility .pdf 3.1 MB


Use DEHN engineering know-how for your projects. From a risk analysis to the planning of external lightning protection, earthing and surge protection concepts.

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