DEHNvario - Die variable Ableiterfamilie
DEHN protects safety systems

DEHNvario - the variable arrester family

DEHNvario protects a great variety of signals in power supply and information technology systems. With devices from this product family you can protect, e.g., voice alarm, loudspeaker and analogue camera systems.

This is how you safe time on installation

Quick and easy installation thanks to practical direct plug-in technology. No tools needed! To replace the arrester, simply release the terminal unit and remove it from the enclosure. Not having to disconnect the wires individually saves time and hassle.

This is how you test the signal circuit quickly and simply

A further special feature in the enclosure design makes it easier to test the signal circuit. Special openings in the terminal units make it possible to test when wired, too.

Good to know: The earth contact of the DEHNvario can carry lightning and impulse current, so there is no need to install an additional equipotential bonding conductor. The arrester is simply connected to the equipotential bonding via the DIN rail.

Detailed information on the different models

DEHNvario for electroacoustic systems

The combined arrester DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM protects electroacoustic systems like voice alarm and loudspeaker systems against lightning interference and damage caused by overvoltages, in stadiums, event centres, railway stations and airports.


DEHNvario 3in1 for analogue camera systems

With the complete solution "3 in 1 surge arrester for analogue camera systems", you protect three interfaces with just one device: the power supply interface, the data interface and the video signal. This eliminates the risk of making errors when selecting devices.

Detailed information on DEHNvario

The DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM combined arrester protects electroacoustic systems (e.g., voice alarm or loudspeaker systems) from lightning effects and surges. The performance parameters of the arrester ensure that electroacoustic systems can be safely operated during thunderstorms.


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Easy installation

Fast connection without tools thanks to the plug-in design,
cable cores can be released at the push of a button

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Fast arrester replacement

Vibration-proof fixation of the terminal unit,
easy removal of the terminal unit ensures fast arrester replacement

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Easy testing

Clamping range from 0.2 to 1.5 mm2, solid and flexible,
integrated test opening

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Lightning current carrying

Lightning current carrying earthing contact via the DIN rail

Detailed information on DEHNvario 3in1

This is where the DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester for analogue camera systems comes in. This complete solution protects three interfaces in a single device: The supply voltage, data interface and video signal. This largely eliminates incorrect selection of devices.

DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester protects analogue camera systems

This is exactly where the "3in1 surge arrester for analogue camera systems" version of DEHNvario is needed. With its high discharge capacity up to 5 kA (8/20 µs) per core, it can be used according to the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0B to 2 and higher.


DEHNvario 3in1 is suited for

  • 230 V supply
  • RS485 (pan, tilt, zoom functions)
  • Analogue video signals (BNC)


NoteTo protect digital camera systems from surges, please use the DEHNpatch surge arrester.

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Save space

Protection of three interfaces in a single device: Less space required and lower acquisition and storage costs.

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Installation without tools

Easy conductor connection thanks to direct plug-in technology: Less installation time, no tool required.

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Faster mounting

Impulse current carrying DIN rail contact – Earth connection without additional earthing conductor: Less installation effort.

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Easy arrester replacement

Fast and easy arrester replacement thanks to pluggable terminal units: Less time spent on arrester replacement, no tools required.


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