DEHNcare visor

Reliable protection under arcing conditions

Clear vision – non-fogging! The transparent chin protector provides all-round visibility - even in very warm environments.

The visor with Energy Block 

Clear Vision
For you that means: total all-round visibility, no fogging, clear colours and high light transmittance. In short, comfort and safety at work.

Energy Block
Should an arc fault really occur, the visor provides you with reliable protection against second-degree burns and flying particles.

DEHNcare APS-TMore safety during the normal working day

Recognise colours better: the colour differentiation is two light levels better making it easier to tell different colours apart - a decisive advantage when it comes to cables.

No fogging: The coalescence of the premium coating with the face shield is permanent so that no subsequent treatment, e.g. with anti-fog agents, is necessary. The visor is permanently fog-free and protects against UV and infrared radiation.

More safety in case of emergency

Should an arc fault occur, you will be reliably protected against second-degree burns and flying particles.

Save costs

The visors of safety helmets for electricians are often bent into shape. The originally flat material is therefore under tension which can lead to material fatigue and cracks. This often means that the face shield needs to be exchanged sooner.

The DEHNcare APS Visor is different! The material which consists of nanoparticles is produced using a special manufacturing method and cast directly in the right shape. This makes it especially durable.
Good to know: even it gets scratched in the course of time, this does not affect the protective properties.