Surge protection for bus charging stations

More and more municipal utility companies are developing new mobility concepts. In this process, they are often replacing their diesel buses with electric buses. In this scenario, surges represent a wholly new challenge. They pose a risk to availability and seamless operation. In order for the bus schedules to be adhered to and to ensure the safety of the system, operations and people, a professional protection concept is imperative. For seamless operation and maximum customer satisfaction. So that everything runs reliably.

DEHN products
for surge protection

You are ideally set up with us: We offer you a comprehensive, useful and harmonised complete range of products for the surge protection of bus charging stations. For efficient planning, convenient purchasing, seamless installation and ongoing maintenance.



Metal oxide arrester for medium-voltage systems up to 51 kV for protecting the medium-voltage side; e.g. in transformer stations.

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Single-pole, spark-gap-based, type 1 + type 2 combined arrester with integrated arrester backup fuse and remote signalling contact. 230/400 V / 50 Hz

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DEHNgate G

TYPE‑2 surge arrester suitable for remote supply, for protecting coaxial antenna systems. With SMA connection system for device and antenna interfaces in coaxial connection systems.

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Mast fuse box EK480

With integrated type-2 surge arrester, DEHNcord as a prewired system solution for protecting external LED lighting. With shutdown function in the event of a fault and fault indicator.

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Single-pole coordinated type-1 lightning current arrester for protecting the low-voltage main distribution board. With integrated arrester backup fuse and remote signalling for 690 V TN and IT systems. Used in transformer stations, for example

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Type 1 + type 2 combined arrester with remote signalling contact for PV power supply systems up to 1,500 V DC. Proof of concept for use in battery storage systems up to I sccr 50 kA. Use, for example, in DC-supplied high-power charging stations or battery storage systems.

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Space-saving, modular, TYPE‑1 combined arrester of 6 mm width for protecting information and communication technologies. Push-in connection technology with status indication for the protection of 1 pair. Protects, for example, 24 V interfaces or bus signals.

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DEHNpatch, Class E

TYPE‑2 universal surge arrester for protecting Ethernet applications.

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DEHNguard SE CI 440 FM

Single-pole, modular, type 2 surge arrester with integrated arrester backup fuse and remote signalling. For the protection of AC distributors. U n 440 V, for use in TN and IT systems; e.g. use in converter stations.

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DEHNcord L 2P

DEHNcord type-2 surge arrester, in IP-65 design for the universal protection of outdoor LED lighting. With integrated shutdown function in the event of a fault and fault indication. Also ideal for retrofitting.

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Modular, type 2 surge arrester for 1,500 V DC for photovoltaic power supply systems with remote signalling contact. Proof of concept for use in battery storage systems up to I sccr 50 kA. Use, for example, in DC-supplied high-power charging stations or battery storage systems.

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If you require further information or want to learn about our products, we look forward to hearing from you.

Brochure Properly protected – Safe charging Protection concepts for the charging infrastructure of electric mobility .pdf 2.3 MB
Brochure DEHN protects intelligent power grids Security of supply for today and tomorrow with lightning and surge protection .pdf 3.8 MB
Brochure DEHNguard ME DC Y 950 FM For maximum system and operational safety .pdf 0.3 MB
Brochure DEHN tests and analyses DEHN Test Centre .pdf 1.7 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Hypercharger DC charging stations by alpitronic GmbH / S.r.l. .pdf 0.8 MB
Reference DEHN protects. AC coupled and scalable Li-Ion battery storage system "scalebloc" by INTILION GmbH .pdf 0.9 MB
Reference DEHN protects. IPI intelligent transformer substations by Ingenieurbüro Pfeffer .pdf 0.8 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Charging infrastructure: Underground distribution system with integrated lightning and surge protection .pdf 1.3 MB
Brochure DEHNrecord Smart Device Power quality in a low-voltage system .pdf 2.3 MB
White Paper Electric Bus Charging Stations Lightning and Surge Protection .pdf 1.1 MB
White paper Battery storage systems Lightning and surge protection .pdf 2.4 MB


Use DEHN engineering know-how for your projects. From a risk analysis to the planning of external lightning protection, earthing and surge protection concepts.

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