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Be safe! DEHN Safety Equipment

Working in an HRC 3* environment is dangerous, strenuous and sweaty work so it is important to have the right equipment which offers you the best possible protection whilst also being comfortable to wear.

*HRC = "Hazard Risk Category", describes protection categories for different working environments.

All-round protection for face, head and neck thanks to the 3-zone protective system

In case of an arc fault the DEHNcare protective hood will protect you in combination with our safety helmet for electricians.

It offers you

  • Frontal protection against direct exposure to incident energy from the switchgear installation (zone 1 = heat shield)
  • Secondary protection against indirect exposure to incident energy e.g., energy reflections from the side and behind (zone 2 = all-round protection)
  • Protection against flying and falling particles (zone 3)
Zone 1: Gefahr direkt von vorn
Zone 1
Frontal protection – the impact of heat comes directly from the front from the switchgear installation
Zone 2: Gefahr von hinten und von den Seiten
Zone 2
Secondary protection – reflected energy comes from the side or from behind
Zone 3: Gefahr von allen Seiten
Zone 3
Protection against flying and falling particles


Less humidity, better ventilation, quick to fit

Störlichtbogenschutzhaube DEHNcare®The DEHNcare Protective Hood works with an open system which means that the ventilation is much better than with a closed system. It can quickly and simply be adjusted to fit the individual wearer using the hook and loop fasteners.


The skin-friendly material DEHNtex is flame-resistant and breathable at the same time. The neoprene at the front reduces the incident energy of an arc-fault to a harmless level – this prevents second degree burns. Breathable leather at the back of the head reduces humidity and provides a pleasant climate under the hood.

Pivoted Visor

In order to improve the air circulation the visor can simply be pushed up. Safety first: For reasons of safety the visor is, of course, not lockable in the open position.

Good to know: The back of the head is also protected. The DEHNcare protective hood successfully blocks reflections which occur when the arc-fault energy hits a wall on the opposite side.


Good news for the purchaser

Existing equipment can still be used. Because the DEHNcare protective hood fits over the helmet, it also protects thermoplastic helmets.
For you this means that the safety helmets for electricians already at hand can continue to be used. It is not absolutely necessary to use special thermosetting helmets.

The standardised clip system (Euroslot) also has several advantages:

  • the clips are individually replaceable
  • existing clips can be used
  • spare parts are readily available


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