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Planning software for lightning protection systems

The electronic decision aid DEHNsupport provides easy-to-handle and practical programmes for designers and installers. It covers the risk management, the calculation of the length of air-termination rods, the separation distance, or the calculation of the length of earthing electrodes, hence simplifying the planning of a lightning protection system.
A user-friendly design allows convenient application of the programmes and good support in view of the objects to be protected.

System requirements:

  • Operating systems supported
    Windows® XP 7
    Windows® XP 8
    Windows® XP 8.1
    Windows® XP 10
  • Office package with word processing and spreadsheet
  • Internet connection (optional)

Installation notes for server or multi-user installation PDF [0.1 MB]

General Terms and Conditions - LIcence conditions PDF [0.1 MB]


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