Earth-termination system

The earth-termination system of a wind turbine has the following functions:
• Protective earthing
• Functional earthing
• Lightning protection earthing


An efficient earth-termination system is vital to disperse lightning currents and prevent the wind turbine from being destroyed. From a lightning protection point of view, it is advisable to implement a single, common earth-termination system for all purposes.

To this end, foundations made of reinforced concrete should be preferably used Erdungsanlageas earth electrode because they have a low earth resistance and provide an excellent basis for equipotential bonding. Foundation earth electrodes make both technical and economical sense and must be designed and installed as per DIN 18014.






Earthing, equipotential bonding
TypePart No.
Earthing Busbar472 139
Stainless Steel Wire (V4A)860 010
Fixed Earthing Terminals478 011
Cross Unit (V4A)319 209
Steel Strip St/tZn810 335
Pressure U-Clamp308 031
MAXI MV Clamps308 040

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