BSEN 62305 1-4 Lightning Protection

  • CPD BSEN 62305
  • BSEN 62305 part 1 2011
  • BSEN 62305 part 2 2013
  • BSEN 62305 part 3 2011
  • BSEN 62305 part 4 2011

This course covers all aspects and all four parts of the current British standard for lightning protection. It includes details on peak lightning currents, sources of damage, types of damage and the associated types of loss and all associated lightning zones.

Comprehensive information on risk analysis, the types of risk which can be assessed and how to do so. The best means of mitigating risk with different types of protection, how and where to position protection as well as extensive coverage of all the surge protection requirements and measures for internal protection systems.

The course will also cover the basics of BSEN 62561 1-8 to ensure that all the materials used in a lightning protection system are compliant and suitable for use.

This course is recommended for anyone risk assessing, designing, specifying, installing, inspecting, testing or maintaining lightning protection system.

Cost £270.00 ex VAT per candidate*
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BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations & the requirement for SPD’s

  • CPD BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations & The Requirement for Surge Protection
  • BS7671 IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Clause 443
  • Clause 534

In January 2019 the 18th Edition wiring regulations (BS7671) were published and greatly expanded on the requirement for the provision of surge protection devices in LV distribution systems.

Covering all the mandatory requirements for SPD’s, the Calculated Risk Level (CRL) assessment, the positioning and installation techniques required for SPD’s, cable lengths, voltage protection levels and use of OCPD the course is a complete guide to the current requirements for SPD’s.

This course is a must for all electricians, electrical engineers, consultants, facilities managers and those working on LV distribution systems, sensitive equipment and processing industries.

Cost £270.00 ex VAT per candidate*

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Lightning as a Source of Ignition - COMAH, DSEAR, High Risk Buildings

  • CPD Lightning as a Source of Ignition
  • BSEN 60079
  • BSEN 1127
  • Explosive regulations 2014
  • BSEN 62305 Part 3 Annexe D

Lightning starts fires. It can reach over 20,000 Celsius which is three times the temperature of the surface of the Sun! This course covers the much misunderstood subject of ignition and lightning related fires.

Covering the requirements of the current legislation and regulations on the storage of explosive materials, explosive atmospheres and the supporting ACoP’s to better understand and litigate the associated risks. Information on isolated lightning protection, safe separation distances, intrinsically safe surge protection and adequate earthing measures.

This course is recommended for designers, engineers, estate & facility managers and all associated stake holders that work in, on and around high risk structures and sites.

Cost £270.00 ex VAT per candidate*

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