This is a message from our MD Dave Hughes to all Dehn UK customers and staff

On behalf of DEHN UK LTD, I am proud to announce that this financial year (July 2019 - June 2020) has been one of record turnover and achievements, the highest in our 25 year history. During this time, we have seen 3 proposed BREXIT’s and a continued battle with an ongoing Pandemic.

I would like to express a sincere Thank You to ALL our new and existing, faithful customers throughout the UK & Ireland. Without your trust, commitment, loyalty and patronage it could not have been possible. We understand that our customers have many options in the marketplace, and we are grateful that you have contributed in making DEHN UK Ltd the success that it is today. In the same breath, I must applaud the dedication and hard work of each and every DEHN UK employee from ALL departments, without whom, we also could not have managed this success.

After drawing a close on the 30th June, the following day we opened the next chapter and fresh challenge of another year, in which we expect to present a raft of new and exciting concepts, solutions and opportunities to the market.

On a global scale, DEHN are committed to education. Not just to its own employees but to industries across strategic markets. Shortly, DEHN UK Ltd  will open its doors to you all with an unrivalled programme of educational & academic opportunity, both theoretical and practical. This will include CIBSE Accredited CPD seminars, product workshops and courses. It will include online content with Webinars, video tutorials and live presentations too. All of this is made possible because of the historic 110 years of  excellence, credibility and success, coupled with consistent, professional customer engagement and innovative product solutions.

We will publish more information on the DEHN Academy-UK. very soon and hope we can continue to eliminate all the myths and misconceptions on the ‘Dark Art’ of Lightning & Surge Protection with an intent to protect as well as create safe environments. 

We Look forward to making this next chapter a success story too. 

Thank You and we’ll see you all soon (behind a Mask) as usual, face to face, virtually or at the
DEHN Academy-UK

DEHN Protects - Stay Safe

Dave Hughes
Managing Director