Protection Module for DEHNbloc modular

Spark-Gap-Based Protection Module

For protecting low-voltage consumer's installations against surges and even direct lightning strikes. For installation in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0A– 1.
  • High discharge capacity due to powerful creepage discharge spark gap
  • Maximum system availability due to RADAX Flow follow current limitation
  • Easy replacement of protection modules without tools due to module locking system with module release button
  • Operating state / fault indication by green / red indicator flag in the inspection window
  • The plug-in protection module can be replaced without the need to de-energise and removing the vertical cover


DB M MOD ...: Spark-gap-based protection module


The spark-gap-based protection modules for devices of the DEHNbloc M family incorporate the complete protective circuit including the RADAX Flow spark gap and the monitoring circuit for controlling the energy flow.
The spark gap monitoring system and the operating state / fault indicator are also housed in the protection module.

Every protection module is mechanically coded to ensure against installing an incorrect replacement module.

As with all modular protective devices, protection modules can be easily replaced without tools by simply pressing the module release button.

Avoid additional, short-notice and unplanned maintenance jobs.
In multipole protective circuits, we recommend replacing the complete set of protection modules when one module fails.


DB M Spark-Gap-Based Protection Module

DB M Spark-Gap-Based Protection Module

Basic circuit diagram DB M MOD ...Dimension drawing DB M MOD ...

Spark-gap-based protection module for DEHNbloc M ...


Part No.
Max. continuous operating voltage (a.c.) (UC)
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) (Iimp)
Specific energy (W/R)
Follow current extinguishing capability (a.c.) (Ifi)
Follow current limitation / Selectivity