Technological leadership through innovative strength

High-quality surge protection products make us a leading solution provider for modern protection technology

Our research and development activities allow us to develop innovations and continuously improve the quality and ease of installation of our products. Of course the feedback from standardisation committees as well as cooperation with external research institutions and universities is also considered for the new and further development of our products. In addition, we share our knowledge on international conferences and congresses to advance technical topics. More than 300 national and international patents, inventions and awards underline the success of our activities and quality of our products and solutions.

Our research and development activities and product improvements focus on our customer’s wishes and needs and on continuously increasing safety in different applications.

In line with our corporate philosophy, our products are based on high and uniform quality standards. Product types are adapted to normative framework conditions and the technical prerequisites of the relevant field of application. Our high-quality surge protection products (Red/Line® for power supply systems, Yellow/Line for data, information as well as measuring and control systems) make us a leading solution provider for modern protective devices.