DEHNconcept - Planning for lightning protection systems

Our know-how for your projects

We plan lightning and surge protection measures for your project including as-built data collection, tender specifications and material quotations.

We also offer turnkey solutions, which include supervised installation, carried out by selected partners.


3D planning of complex objects and structures

DEHNconcept provides a visual representation of the lightning protection measures. It quickly becomes obvious how to integrate these measures into the building architecture.

2D and 3D view drawings as well as mounting details can be generated from the detailed 3D computer model of your buildings at any stage of the planning process.

The benefits are obvious:
A clear visual representation of the protected volumes 360° around the building provides an optimal basis for the installation company which coordinates the mounting procedure. This results in a lower error rate and thus cost optimisation.

  • As-built data collection
    What is already available and can be integrated in the new concept?
  • Risk analysis
    according to BS EN 62305-2:
    Protection against lightning – Part 2: Risk management
  • Assessment of material costs
  • Planning of the lightning protection/earthing concept
    Detail engineering, detailed description,
    3D/2D drawing 

  • Calculation of the separation distance 

  • Detailed mounting drawing of the air-termination system
  • Calculation of the earth-termination system for the transformer
  • Tender specifications for tender invitations
  • Bill of material / material quotation
  • Brochure (PDF format): Isolated LIghtning Protection Systems & HVI Conductor [0.9 MB] ·11/13· DS 523 UK
3D concept for the lightning protection system of an industrial plantView of the air-termination systems from different positions
Thanks to the 3D view, the position of all air-termination systems can be seen at a glance.View of the air-termination systems from different positions – Visualisation of the protected volume

All planning documents will be provided for creating your own documentation.